The expertise of Eurogroup Consulting encompasses four knowledge areas: Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Change Management and IT Strategy.

Operational Excellence

In our view, achieving operational excellence requires a continuous and balanced improvement of projects, people and systems. If any of these factors fail to thrive, Operational Excellence fails to thrive. In order to deliver added value, it is essential to explore the dynamic processes that allow people to find common ground and work together. Within Operational Excellence, we have specific knowledge of E-fulfillment.

Customer Experience

In a rapidly-changing environment, the customer is becoming ever more powerful. Success is largely determined by delivering the right customer experience across all channels. Eurogroup Consulting has expertise and experience in starting up and integrating new sales and service channels. Our expertise can also be called upon to implement new sales and service concepts and improve customer service processes. We specialise in pro-active customer retention. These are the typical issues that motivate and inspire us. We retain customers by designing and implementing a “customer journey” that is tailored to their needs, choices and wishes. Endorsed and embodied by employees, because real and lasting success can only be achieved with their full support.

Change Management

At Eurogroup Consulting, Organisational Change means adopting a well-thought out, creative and, where necessary, unorthodox approach. This is the only way to ensure that what we create with the client will actually work. We demonstrate our commitment to our clients by actively implementing our advice. Bottom up and top down. Often in multidisciplinary teams, at all levels. We devote ample attention to employees. More so than anyone else, we understand that change can only be implemented successfully with their involvement. In international projects, we therefore prefer to adopt a multi-local approach that overcomes all language and cultural barriers.

IT Strategy

In a fast-changing world, we help companies to devise smarter solutions to connect systems, people and organisations. A good ICT strategy clearly sets out how the ICT architecture should be structured, while – crucially – ensuring that business goals are continuously reviewed and revised. To embrace these challenges, we believe that it is essential to delve deep into the DNA of the organisation. It is a transition that involves one or more organisational units. In our opinion, organisational development, management and improvement require an in-depth examination of processes and project management. The ultimate aim is to improve the company’s operations – and therefore also its operating result.